Osanna U. Waclik

Growing up in a medical oriented surrounding as my father was a medical doctor the awareness for health and helping others accompanied me all my life.

Studies at the medical University of Vienna for some years and at the pedagogic academie combined with an intensive family life with five children made me looking for a natural healing system, which is easy to practise and has no side effects.

Training in Colourlight-Therapy by Stanley Burroughs from USA motivated me to study this natural healing system more in detail. To improve my knowledge and understanding I read the most up to date literature on colourlight.

Thereby the “Spectro-Chrome-System” of Dinshah Ghadiali made the greatest impression on me, because it fulfilled the expectations that I was looking for.

Over the years then I have practised Colourlight-Therapy at home, introduced it to friends and witnessed how helpful, practical and easy it is. Due to that I gained more and more knowledge on this therapy and started to pass on my experiences to everybody who was interested.

During a fife year stay in Australia I started to write on the book "Light is Life", a practical guide on how to use Colourlight-Therapy at home.

Dealing with the effects of Colourlight in theory as well as in practise, and wittnessing the very successful application of Colourlight-Therapy, I was motivated at last to convey my experiences to others through special colourlight training courses.

The satisfaction of the participants in my seminars and all the positive feedbacks confirmed that it is the right direction for me personally to pass on my knowledge to others and thereby making this therapy available for everybody to use in their own home.