We all are aware – everything seems easier when the sun is shining!

The holistic effects of light and colourlight on the health of our body and our emotions have already been practised in ancient times. Additionally, modern science constantly generates new findings on the attributes of light and Colourlight, hence confirming scientifically the therapeutic effects of Colourlight.

Colourlight gets easily absorbed by the body
- through eyes & skin
- through the energy field & meridians

Colourlight also influences the organism
- through the principle of resonance

Colourlight-Therapy causes NO side effects

Colourlight and accordingly visible light strengthens our health by providing ENERGY for our body. Each cell in our body needs light. These cells receive and give off small light units, known as bio-photons. They TRANSPORT LIGHT-INFORMATION between living cells, and as such enable cells to communicate with each other, thereby regulating all functions of our body. So we can say, additionally to our nourishment of liquids and food, we also need light-nutrition to stay healthy.

Therefore colourlight is vital for our growth and for all functions of our body: for instance the colour   Lemon   stimulates the immune system, Turquoise heals wounds and builds the skin, Blue cools infections and reduces inflammation,   Orange   increases blood circulation in tissues and relieves cramps, Magenta balances our emotions and regulates our blood circulation and heart etc.

Thanks to all of these positive attributes is the application of carefully chosen Colourlight an effective way to provide our body with energetic LIGHT-NUTRITION.