Colourlight-Therapy is easy to learn
and simple to apply

With the help of a colour lamp and specific colour filters we expose our body or a specific part of the body to the appropriate colourlight.

We all suffer from a lack of light and as such also from a lack of colourlight. Our hectic lifestyle nowadays does seldom allow us to receive the necessary amount of daylight which is needed to maintain our physical and emotional balance.

The application of artificial colourlight is a practical and simple alternative to nurture our body and to provide it with the necessary daily amount of light energy.

In order to apply colourlight effectively and successfully, we need a good colour lamp, specific colour filters according to Dinshah Ghadiali and of course the basic knowledge.

This knowledge you can acquire in my seminars combined with practical tips based on numerous case studies also using the reference book “LIGHT is LIFE” for additional information and as a special manual.