My lectures give a compact inside view on Spectro-Chrome-Therapy according to Dinshah Ghadiali

Single- or Group-Seminars incl. the book "LIGHT is LIFE"

Aim of the seminars is the self-reliant application of Colourlight-Therpay for personal use. You learn the necessary knowledge during two parted seminars in the shortest period of time:

In the first part, the Basic-Seminar, you acquire theoretic knowledge on Colourlight-Therapy explained in a simple way for everybody to understand. Together with the practical know-how we lay the foundation for the personal use at home.

The second part, the Practice-Seminar, takes place approximately 4-6 weeks later. Here we focus on analysing personal experiences and answering open questions from the last weeks as well as deepening the knowledge with the help of case studies and using the book „LIGHT is LIFE – Practical tips on Colourlight-Therapy” as a special manual.

In between the two seminars you can always contact me for support and help.

Personal Coaching

I am happy to pass on my knowledge also in shorter timed courses, especially in urgent or very acute situations.


• Scientific background of light & colourlight

• Therapeutic attributes of colourlight

• Selecting the appropriate colours
    - to maintain health
    - to prevent incipient disorders
    - for acute and chronic disorders
    - for emergency conditions
    - to strengthen the metabolism of minerals and vitamins
    - to gain a physical and energetic balance
    - to charge water with colour vibrations

• Correct use of colour lamp and colour filters

• Practical tips based on case studies

• Individual advice and Colour-Treatment-Program


Duration: 1,5 – 2 hours
Venue by arrangement
Costs by arrangement

Personal seminar
Number of participants: 1- 2 people
Costs:          per person € 280,00 incl. Vat
                     incl. manual „Light is Life"
Venue:        Colourlight-Training-Centre
                     or by arrangement
Duration:   Two parts – each per 4 hours
                    1. Part: Basic-Seminar
                     Break of about 4 - 6 weeks
                     with free contact for support
                    2. Part: Practice-Seminar

Personal coaching
Individual training tailored for specific need
Creation of an individual colour-treatment-program
Costs per hour € 54,00 incl. Vat